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On 12/09/2018 20:32, jmcquown wrote:
On 9/12/2018 8:35 AM, Mishi wrote:
On Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 6:51:56 PM UTC-4, Jill McQuown wrote:
On 9/11/2018 2:16 PM, Tina wrote:
Jill, stay safe, it seems to be heading your way. Lota of good wishes
that it veers away from you

Thanks!* There was an evacuation order for my County (Beaufort) but the
Governor cancelled it.* The path of the storm is tracking far to the
north of where Buffy and I are located.

Let's have some purrs for the folks along the North Carolina and
Virginia coasts.* That's where the brunt of Hurricane Florence is


The hurricane has veered south, now looks like it is headed for
Georgia. Stay safe, everyone!

Hurricanes always seem to turn a bit.* All the current models have the
eye of the storm making landfall much farther to the north of us.* (I'm
at the very southern tip of South Carolina.)* We'll get rain and wind,
sure, because it's a very big storm system, but not the brunt of the storm.

What I find interesting is the hurricane (which hasn't even hit yet) is
making the news in England!


Yes, it makes the news here. My cousin Tim lives in Wilmington, NC,
where it's hit now.