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Default Humans, places, cats + other pets - General

Humans, places, cats + other pets - General

I started providing services to rec.pets.cats many years ago before it
split, and have continued to do so ever since. However, sadly, I am not
going to continue.

My time on the internet needs to be cut down somewhat, but in fact has
increased because I look after a Bridge Laws forum as well as all the
newsgroups I read.

Furthermore, it seems less suitable nowadays: my lists of animals and
their humans seem of less interest. Sadly, my Welcome! emails will also
cease. For anyone who has not read one, I shall also post one here now.

I shall be posting my general articles for the last time now. The
list of people and pets will be updated one more time, so any
adjustments must reach me before the end of January: after that, no more
changes! It will remain on my Catpage as a memory to several years of
people and pets.

At the same time, at the end of this month, I shall stop reading all
the Cat newsgroups except my favourite: you will still see me on

Finally, my Catpage and Storypage will remain: sometime I must update
the latter: I have at least 600 stories to add! Please note that if you
want to access my Catpage or write emails to me you must read and act on
the last line of the sig: I am fighting 6000 emails a day, and will
reduce that number considerably sometime next year when
switches off.

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