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Default Best cat breeds for catching spiders?

On 3 Apr 2011 09:58:44 GMT, "AL_n" wrote:

I'm thinking of acquiring a cat, and am considering which breeds would be
suitable. I'm a spider phobic, so a cat that would eradicate spiders from
my house would be a particular favourite.

Other qualities that I'd value:
1) affectionate
2) talkative
3) clean
4) no tendency to molt heavily

Any suggestions appreciated..


No idea about breeds since I pluck mine from the street or shelters.
But cats vary tremendously and all are different. I'd talk to the
local shelter because they get to know the cats' personalities. The
spider bit might be tough though. One of my four cats does have it in
for waterbugs and specializes in removing the wings, usually resulting
in the termination of the waterbug. The other three don't seem
concerned about waterbugs.

I think most spiders are too small to attract much interest from a