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Default (OT) Sleeping Better!

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I got a birthday present for myself!

Fast forward to my having to move here. The sound machine sat there,
unused, for a couple of years. There used to be frequent power outages when
I lived in TN. The power would go off for no reason at all on a bright,
sunny day. And while I remembered to unplug all my little appliances I
completely forgot about that one. So at some point the sound machine got

I ordered a new one for myself for my birthday. Oh this thing is so cool!
It has more sounds, and you can add to the complexity of the sound (or just
go with the basic sound). For example, if you select "rain" you can add
distant rumblings of thunder. I don't know about you, but I sleep very well
during a thunderstorm! If you select "ocean", you can add a foghorn off in
the distance. Last night I chose "meadow". It's the sound of peepers
(small frogs) and crickets. But if you up the anty, you also get the sound
of wind blowing through tall grasses and the occasional call of a loon or a

I have slept better in the last two nights than I have in the last 30 years.
I love this sound machine!



I know I'm replying to a VERY old post but I'd like to find out if
that sound machine is still operating. Amazon still has it for sale
with some very good reviews but there are a few mentioning that it
dies fairly soon. I'd like to heart your experience before I send
Amazon a fairly large check.



Hi there! Here's what happened. It died within a couple of months and
I thought "that's just wrong". I called the company and the guy walked
me through removing the sound selector knob on the front and flipping a
switch. Apparently it's got some sort of a breaker that trips. That
fixed the problem and it's still working!

The guy also sent me another one for FREE since it was a known issue.
So now I have a spare, still in the box, just in case. That's what I
call service! Hopefully this known problem has long since been corrected.

Note: If you buy through Amazon and it's coming from a *reseller* I
can't guarantee that same level of service.


Do you remember who you bought it from? I searched for it and came up
with Amazon.

I don't recall. The company is ASTI, Inc. It looks like it's available
at Walmart and Best Buy (if those are in your area) as well as on Amazon
and eBay.