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On Aug 24, 5:51*am, dgk wrote:
On Mon, 20 Aug 2012 20:12:52 -0700, "Bill Graham"

dgk wrote:
On Sat, 18 Aug 2012 17:27:30 -0700, "Bill Graham"

Brooklyn1 wrote:
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Brooklyn1 wrote:
Gas Bag wrote:

She wants to stop her cats getting out, and other cats getting
in. To any cat "lovers" out there, my friend isn't getting rid
of her cats, nor is she trapping/baiting any of the cats in her

Anyone who cares about their cats doesn't let them out.

Like most absolute statements, that's nonsense. Cats enjoy being
outdoors and if we really care about our cats we want them to be
happy. Safe counts but so does happy.

What good is a "happy" cat flattened with tire tread impressions...
cats are happy indoors... you're an imbecile.

Everyone, and everything, dies., What's important is enjoying what
little time you have. This is true for me, and also true for my
cats. Only a stupid liberal would trade freedom for a longer life,
and then have the gall to impose their poor choice on the rest of
the world......

Hey, I'm a liberal and I let my cats out.

Well, perhaps you are the exception... Most of the liberals I know have the
following attitude: I wouldn't do it, and if I wouldn't do it, then nobody
should do it, so we should make a law that forbids anyone from doing it.

I don't think that has even a hint of truth to it though. Most
liberals I know want people to do what they want. Get married to
someone of the same sex? Fine by me. Get a tattoo, it's your body. You
want to smoke pot? No problem to me. In fact, if you want to use
cocaine and you're an adult, fine by me. Just collect some tax on it.

No, most liberals are pretty libertarian.

****In the immortal words of Samuel Goldwyn:

INCLUDE ME OUT!!! (apocriphyl - apocryphil - apocryphal) I am a
thinking adult, not a whining overgrown child.

At the slightest whiff of Libertarianism, I take a long hot shower.

But there are limits and
problems once things affect someone else. I prefer government to
control those things rather than corporate power. And I see the attack
on government as increasing corporate power.

****Uh...since the government is pretty much sold out to Our Corporate
Masters anyway, the only ones getting hurt are the most vulnerable.
You know who they are...unless you exist in a separate universe like