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Chappy sez he will try furry furry hard not to chaze da budderflyz durin
da seremony iffin yu promise he kin chase dem afterwurds.

Sounds gud to me.


Mosey =^..^= wrote:
Booker, , yew kan be uh gruumskitty n Chappy kan karry da train wif the
hulp uff sum majik butterflies
ai tawked tew da uther dae, Haow duz dat saownd? Umkay wiff yew Chappy?
Fank yew

Howz kin Ize bee gruum kitty an karry da trayn? Does yu want Chappy to
karry da trayn all by hizownself? Den I kin be gruum kitty.

Fangu fur da honor.


Mosey =^..^= wrote:
Wood yew dew me da honor uff bein uh groomskitty on Sun Sept 12? Mosey