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Default Sekrit Santa is LATE this year!

I am so very sorry, kitties! Here at Sekrit Santa Headquarters we have
been absolutely overwhelmed with stuff not at all related to our
duties, so we are very late this year! The web site is
NOT ready yet, but anyone who wants to participate in the gift exchange
or the Christmas card list can sign up by emailing
with the information listed below. And I
will post here when the web site is available.

The information I need to sig you up is:
1) Your name and email address
2) Whether you want to do gift exchange only, Christmas card list only, or both
3) If on the Christmas card list, do you need to be "receive only" (you
are unable to send cards)?
4) Your mailing address
5) The names of the fur kids receiving gifts
6) Anything a gift giver needs to avoid sending
7) Any special likes of the receiving fur kids
8) We get signups from all over the world. Are you willing to send to
another country (more expensive, needs to be shipped earlier), or only
9) Should any sender encounter problems, would you be willing to be a
standby Santa (to send a last minute gift if a scheduled sender can't)?

And again, I do apologize for getting to this so late this year. Meowy
(approaching) Kissamouse!