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Default Master of Ceremonies?

On Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 4:01:32 PM UTC-7, cshenk wrote:
Sundance says :Gosh. I guess I'd catsider it if Ize reely reely reely
reely needed, but I wuz hopin to juss be a attendee dis yeer. It wud be
diffykukt to follow in Rebecca's pawstepz, an I wudnt do az gud az her
kuz I duznt haz herown skillz wif organizin an publik speekin. An it
wud be gud fur sum uther howse to hab da onner, too.


Thank you anna we understuand!

Pi2tnya, input needed? By default it is you iffin wez not got another.

Lyke I sed below, Meowmee iz habink karpill Tunnil surgery on hur rite hand on thursday ov diz negzt week, and I'll hab 2 b NurseKitty along wiff PawPaw. Hur an mee wyll b readink, an lernin heow, furr negzt yeer. Promizz..

P2ña AKA Sweety