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Default Additionz an Changes tu Occifurrz

On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 12:20:03 PM UTC-8, cshenk wrote:

On Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 6:07:57 PM UTC-8, Sundance and/or
Rebecca wrote:
Deer Madame Grand Sweetee Pooh-bah:

I wunnerz if da komoonitee wud like to enakt sumfing similar to
whut da hoominz kallz "term limitz". Dere iz kitteez on da list dat
we haz not heered frum in yeerz, like Meowy. Dere iz also sum dat I
haz no ideer hoo dey iz -- of korse, utherz heer may know

We mite want to say dat ennee kittee hoo we haz not heered frum in
da last yeer or two kud be catsidered to be retired frum dereown
assinemintz, an da pozishunz opin fur uther kitteez to take. In sum
kasez, we mite evin want to stop havin a pozishun-- we duz hab a
awful lot uv dem, and redoosin da numfur mite make fingz eezier on
da hoomin sekkaterriez.

Just sum thotz,
Sundance, Vice Grand Pooh-Bah

Hmmmm...yuz gotta pernt dere...butid komplikatted...We kud 'ping'
doze weez nottid shur gib dem uh munff tu replye...Do yu
wanna be in charge ov diz? Affurr a wyle I wuz gonna azk fur reportz
frum sekreterryz and Ambassitorz kuz dere funkshunz ar simmilur. If
we duzint heer frum sum, we kud kunklood dey izzint aktiff...wud dat
be anudder way tu tell?

Enny udder opinyunz??? Daisy-Chan, du yu want to whay in on diz?


I'z sure sume of the names I'z not seed at all.

Meybe we Ping dem?

weh dunt noe what happund tu MeOwy n hur kan beh removed frum da lizt of ossifers cuz hur dunt pozt heer noe moar! Her wink Mosey went to RB about uh yeer ugo Luffs Pipps