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Default Looks like 1/8 inch recycled rubber mat works well for climbing

Besides the fact that it stinks horribly for weeks, it has
started shedding fine particles. The thick stuff I used
before worked great. It showed signs of wear, but did not
shed any rubber. Next time I will try getting that other
formula in a thinner version.

Looking back at my posts... Apparently the only description
of the thicker version that did not shed was "recycled car
tire rubber 1/4" mat". Made by the same company (as I

I would prefer a thinner 1/8 inch version because it can be
stapled to the board. But if necessary I would again use the
1/4 inch with hot melt glue (but less glue than my first
attempt). Or maybe come up with some other easy method to
attach the rubber.

The failure has nothing to do with the thickness of the
rubber, it is apparently the type of rubber.

I use the rubber cover only for their climbing boards to
their skyway. The horizontal boards are bare wood with no

I wrote:

For about $38 delivered (USA).

Rubber-Cal Tuff-N-Lastic Rubber Flooring Runners, 1/8-Inch
x 4 x 7-Feet, Black

So far it is doing well. Easy to cut and easy to apply to
1x4s with a staple gun. Will see whether it comes off of
the staples, over time. The staples are spaced no more than
about 2 inches apart, on the backside of the 1x4. Also, it
is cheaper and lighter than the 1/4 inch material.

It smells horrible at first. Absolutely must be aired out
for a few days or more prior to use.

It has a slightly pebbled surface that they probably
appreciate. So far, seems they like it more than the 1/4
inch thick rubber.

If it holds up well as the 1/4 inch thick material did, it
should last for years without any shedding.