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Buffy is currently grooming herself in a puddle of sunshine after
batting a golf ball around the living room for a while.


I'm still here, although I don't post a lot.

Pickles is very sedentary, as she's getting on in years.* Koala could
use a kitten to play with, but I'm not sure either Pickles nor I could
handle that.* However, thanks to a friend, Koala has a couple of new
toys that are keeping him amused part of the time.* They (the toys)
probably have names, but I don't know them.* One has a weighted base,
with a curved "pole" sticking up.* A "spider" is attached to a string
hanging from the "pole".* The base contains a magnet, so if you start
the spider swinging, for a long time it will keep moving.* The other
is about 8 inches around, with a solid top and bottom and three or
four holes in the sides.* There is a toy mouse inside each hole.* The
mice can be pulled out, but they are still attached.

Joy, I'm glad you're still here. * I like hearing about Pickles and
Koala.* I definitely understand your reluctance to introduce another
kitten into the mix!* It's nice to hear those toys your friend gave you
are being enjoyed.

Buffy is still crazy about golf balls.* When she wants to play she bats
them all over the carpeted living room.* I can only imagine the racket
they'd make rolling on hardwood floors.

The thing about Buffy is, I *know* she plays all by herself during the
night.* I find her toys rearranged in the morning.* I've got a pretty
good memory for what toys are on the floor.* A couple of days ago she
was after a furry toy on the fireplace hearth.* It was a toy she'd
ripped to pieces when she first came to live here.* I thought it was
long gone but she'd hidden it.* She brought it out and was playing with
it during the night.* She left it on the fireplace hearth.* I swear, it
was not there when we went to bed.

Cats are fascinating.


Sootie loves ping pong balls and, Like Buff, bats them round the room but
I have to throw them first then get them from under the furniture where
she's hit them. It's good exercise for me.

I've got a plasterer doing some work in the bedrooms today with the
windows open (we're having a warm couple of days). Sootie was outside.
Then she was in the sitting room asking to be let out. A new game, in
through the upstairs windows, scare an innocent plasterer, then demand
human opens the patio door. I'm waiting for the second round.


Smart Sootie, it's fun for all involved!


Cats often want to assist workmen. Kerry was annoyed when I stopped her
from helping the plumber fixing the bathroom sink!