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Default Smokey tried to join me in MY bath!

I took her wash bucket to the bathroom to change the water, but she heard the water running and followed me. So I gave her the bath on the bath mat, as we've been here before.

I decided to have my bath since I was there anyway. Smokey zonked out on my dirty clothes on the floor. I made the mistake of sitting up and leaning over the edge to speak to her. The next thing I know she has her paws on the edge of the tub looking at the water. Fortunately she has a bit too much ballast to easily jump over the edge.

I showed her the water and told her she would not like it. But she still tried to jump in from three different spots. I was just thinking about cat, claws, water and my bits. So I ended my bath early.

I really have to fill a shallow pan with water for her next bath to see what her reaction is.

Don't tell the other kitties, I'm afraid they'll kick her out of the club. ;-)