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Default Smokey tried to join me in MY bath!

On 2018-06-26 1:50 PM, jmcquown wrote:
On 6/25/2018 10:33 PM, Bill Stock wrote:
I took her wash bucket to the bathroom to change the water, but she
heard the water running and followed me. So I gave her the bath on the
bath mat, as we've been here before.

I decided to have my bath since I was there anyway. Smokey zonked out
on my dirty clothes on the floor. I made the mistake of sitting up and
leaning over the edge to speak to her. The next thing I know she has
her paws on the edge of the tub looking at the water. Fortunately she
has a bit too much ballast to easily jump over the edge.

I showed her the water and told her she would not like it. But she
still tried to jump in from three different spots. I was just thinking
about cat, claws, water and my bits. So I ended my bath early.

LOL Yes, that would be a legitimate concern.

I really have to fill a shallow pan with water for her next bath to
see what her reaction is.

Don't tell the other kitties, I'm afraid they'll kick her out of the
club. ;-)

Do let us know if she decides she likes the bath!* I'm sure we've all
seen Youtube videos of cats that like to get wet.* This one is my

A waste of water but that cat would probably like a bath!

One of my RB cats - I think it was Betsy - had a bit of a bath-related
accident. Back in the day, I sometimes relaxed in a bubble bath rather
than taking my usual shower, especially if my day had been rather
hectic. One evening, along came Betsy and jumped up on the side of the
bath and started batting at the bubbles. She slipped. I never saw her
move so fast - I think she levitated and barely got her paws wet. I got
a real fright, as you would if you were just reaching a point of total
relaxation when a large frightened cat almost lands on your middle!