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Default Smokey tried to join me in MY bath!

On Tuesday, July 3, 2018 at 2:02:56 PM UTC-4, Jill McQuown wrote:
On 6/30/2018 9:16 AM, Judith Latham wrote:
In article , Bill
I took her wash bucket to the bathroom to change the water, but she
heard the water running and followed me. So I gave her the bath on the
bath mat, as we've been here before.

I decided to have my bath since I was there anyway. Smokey zonked out on
my dirty clothes on the floor. I made the mistake of sitting up and
leaning over the edge to speak to her. The next thing I know she has her
paws on the edge of the tub looking at the water. Fortunately she has a
bit too much ballast to easily jump over the edge.

I showed her the water and told her she would not like it. But she still
tried to jump in from three different spots. I was just thinking about
cat, claws, water and my bits. So I ended my bath early.

I really have to fill a shallow pan with water for her next bath to see
what her reaction is.

Don't tell the other kitties, I'm afraid they'll kick her out of the
club. ;-)

My first cat Sweep (RB) used to love to play practical jokes on us. Sweep
often came into the bathroom and would chirp in greeting. One evening I
was relaxing in the bath with a good ghost story book when she leapt up
the side of the bath with a very loud meow. I jumped and dropped the book
into the bath. I looked at her, she was standing in the middle of the
bathroom looking at me with that grin (the one she always did when she'd
pulled off a trick).

That made me smile. Some cats are real tricksters!

I rarely laugh out loud, don't know why I just don't. Sweep hated water
but one day, I was in the shower and my husband came into the bathroom and
said something that made me go into a big fit of laughing (when I start I
can't stop) Sootie not only came into the bathroom to see what was
happening, she jumped into the shower with me to rub against my legs. This
of course made me laugh more but I had to stop because this little darling
was already soaked through. She thought there was something wrong as she
hadn't heard me laugh before.


Sweep to the rescue! I love it.


Cali (RB) was the wise cracker of our group.

She used to love to play hide and seek. One day we looked for her everywhere. We finally found her peering out from under the dresser through the scallops on the front. First time I've seen a cat laughing at the humans.

Another time she went flying up the basement stairs dragging a key on a string that we had been using as a plumb bob. It made a hell of a racket and got us all out of bed. She did not like the humans making noise, but she was so amused with herself.

Cali was always trying new things to get me out of bed to feed her breakfast. The usual thing was smacking me in the nose, jumping off the furniture, knocking stuff on the floor, playing with the Venetian blinds and dragging her paws down the mirror. The last one took some creative genius and was most annoying. But one day she could not get me up, so it was time for drastic measures. She got on the boxes I piled up by the window for her to look out and launched herself onto my stomach. Wow, did I sit up in a hurry. I got up after that, I was afraid of what she might try next. :-)