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Default Lap cats - or not

On Monday, September 17, 2018 at 3:16:01 PM UTC-4, joy wrote:
On 9/17/2018 11:25 AM, Bill Stock wrote:
On Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 7:12:18 PM UTC-4, joy wrote:
For ages, I’ve had cats in my lap while I sat in my recliner and watched
TV in the evening. About 90% of the time I’d have both, although
occasionally it would be just Pickles, and once in a while just Koala.
Usually Pickles would come up first. She wouldn’t come up if Koala was
already there. Koala would come up, and once in a while Pickles would
immediately get down. Usually she’d stay where she’d curled up on my
lap. Koala would walk around her so he was between her and the upright
part of me. After a few skritches, he’d walk back around her and settle
down on my legs.

About six weeks ago, that stopped. Once or twice a week Koala would
come up, and occasionally he’d settle down and stay for a while. During
that time, Pickles only came up once. Right after she settled down,
Koala came up, and Pickles jumped down.

So I was very surprised last night when Pickles came up and settled on
my lap. After 10 or 15 minutes Koala came up too, and settled down.
They stayed there for over an hour. I was happy, because I’ve really
missed that.

When we first got Cali she was very annoyed at being relocated from the cat group home. We thought she was deaf because she would not respond when you spoke to her or made a noise. Apparently she was just very good at ignoring the hoomans. If you put her in your lap she would not stay.

Then one day more than a year later a few of us were watching a movie in the basement and she thought she was being ignored, so she jumped up in the basket chair with my mother. She was a lap cat ever after, but only on her terms.

I'm glad she finally decided to be a lap cat. It took at least a year
with Koala, but he was a feral.

We think Cleo was feral for a time, as she did not play well with others. But she was an instant shoulder cat; I guess I looked better than living off the mice outdoors. I remember watching her outside before we adopted her when she saw a mouse on the porch. Our indoor cats liked to play with their food, but watching Cleo catch a mouse was like watching a sporting event. It was chase to stomach in under 15 seconds. No chewing required.
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