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Default Lap cats - or not

On 2018-09-19 11:06 AM, Judith Latham wrote:
In article , Bill
Stock wrote:
When we first got Cali she was very annoyed at being relocated from the
cat group home. We thought she was deaf because she would not respond
when you spoke to her or made a noise. Apparently she was just very good
at ignoring the hoomans. If you put her in your lap she would not stay.

Then one day more than a year later a few of us were watching a movie in
the basement and she thought she was being ignored, so she jumped up in
the basket chair with my mother. She was a lap cat ever after, but only
on her terms.

isn't everything on their terms.

Neither of my cats are cuddly, exactly. Cinnamon never cuddles or sits
on laps. She will sit next to you, and allow herself to be brushed or
combed, moving if she wants you to brush another part of her body. No
one has ever brushed her long enough for her to get tired of the
process, but on the other hand, as you say, it's all on her terms, and
she has to be the one to approach you for brushing. Kerry likes, well,
not lap-sitting exactly...I have a very comfortable recliner, and she
likes stretching out on my chest, usually facing the window, but
sometimes the room, and relaxing or napping. I think I've finally
convinced her that the "rear end in my face" position is not desirable.
I've had to gently reposition her a bit when I was recovering from
breast surgery. She'll do the reclining on my chest when I'm reclining
for long periods of time, but she's the one who decides to start and
stop. Neither cat wants to snuggle or relax if I pick them up, they have
to be the one who approaches.