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Default Lap cats - or not

On 2018-09-19 11:36 AM, jmcquown wrote:

I'm glad to see you back, Cheryl!* Sorry to hear about the surgery, I
hope it went well.

Oh, it went very well. I had breast cancer, but they caught it early,
and I only had to have a lumpectomy and radiation and hormone
treatments. The doctors think there's a very good chance it will never
recur - but they still want check-ups at what I think are rather
frequent intervals. Still, there were times when the pressure of a
delicate cat's paw, followed by the weight of the cat, on a sore spot
wasn't pleasant!

She doesn't like being picked up, though.* Persia didn't like that, either.

Neither of mine like being picked up. Kerry is particularly curious - if
I'm talking on the phone, she thinks I'm talking to her, so she comes
over - and if I'm sitting at the computer desk talking on the phone, she
walks on the keyboard, tries to push it out of the way so she can reach
a pencil, etc etc. Once, she tipped over a half-full bottle of Diet Coke
that was on the desk. And whenever I've had someone in - there's been a
plumber and a washer repairman in the last few months - she's right in
there inspecting their work.

I've already had a friend point out cheerfully that things come in
threes - what household breakdown will be the third?