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On Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 9:10:50 PM UTC-7, Sundance and/or Rebecca wrote:
Fangu, Sweetee, itz a bootiful kayke! Iz dat MiceKreem between da layerz? Let me try a bite. Or two. Or three.

[Sundance serves himself a big slice of birthday cake and digs in. It's so good that he closes his eyes while he eats.]

Sweetee, dis iz furry yummy. Fangu so muchly! Will yoo hab sum, too?


Mice kreem iz tween layerz 1 an 2, an 2 an 3...
kreemy cheeez iz btween layerz 3 an 4, an between 4 an 5...
So, may I shayer wiff yu???
I wud lyke to lik da kreemey cheese, purrrleeez.