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White Toygers are Something Else and a Half

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Old March 3rd 11, 11:27 PM posted to rec.pets.cats.rescue
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Default White Toygers are Something Else and a Half

Freckles had a baby, or well, the mommy did, and you can see Freckles
toward the bottom of the page at Fluffyfuzzies.com
Anyway, this little character has her eyes wide open now, and ears
probably can hear too. She is still quite wobbly on the walking skill
but that doesnot stop her from tearing around in her little house.
has good get-up-and-go, but no brakes . . .what a riot. Her voice is
tiny . . . I thought, until on one occasion mommy stepped into the
little house, and BaaBaa let out such a scream of delight, I couldnot
believe it. So much noise out of something the size of my hand . . .
This is the part that perplexes me: poppa Freckles loves to be
smoothed. He tips his head to the side, and does other antics wanting
smoothing on his head, as well as body smoothings. He will even let
rough and tumble him, somewhat, with mild resistance, but willnot let
me pick him up or hold him. Any out-of- place move I make makes him
run and hide in his hidey-hole. This may be something the helpers did
to him that makes him act scary. I guess every helper I had tried to
catch him, hold him whatever, because they never saw anything like
before. All the same his personality is weird. He constantly stares
into your eyes, and his facial expressions are very readable and
like. His movements are quick; he stops suddenly and looks at your
eyes; then goes again; stops; looks; goes and over and over. He isnot
a smooth mover, and at any moment, if the look in your eyes isnot
exactly the way he feels it should be; off he jumps into his hidey-
hole, and sits in there and looks at you, or sometimes goes in
where no one can see him.
Freckles is definitely the most schizophrenic animal I have ever had,
except for a horse I had that I slapped in the face for goosing
me. . . .terrible thing: just one slap and he became
schizophrenic . . . I too never got over that one . . . still hurts
me. He had been touch-and-go from the beginning when I got him, but
changed to normal . . . but then that dam slap . . . Oh, well.
Daughter BaaBaa looks like a tiny lamb. She is off-white with still-
vague stripes hardly showing, and she looks as if she has been
in the coal bin and dry, dusty soil, because she has a hint of
blackness hidden under her dusty white. I donot know what to say
that, because I donot ever remember seeing such a thing. The black is
heaviest on top of her head. She has a tiny black (yes, BLACK, as in
not brown) nose, and the darkness appears on the tips of her ears.
back of the legs are getting black and feet are going darker and
darker. Same with tail. Her poppa’s body is more mackerel than dark
strips. He is an ol’ smoothie and soft looking now except for the
face, tail and legs.
Yup, poppa is strange and different in every way. He is very strong,
rather large, with excellent immune system. He is not playful, but I
think he knows play exists. I could try it, but it would just scare
the sht out of him, and he would jump and run for his hidey-hole, and
sit there and glare at me, so I am picking up BaaBaa, who vocally
complains and hates it, every chance I get. Probably a losing battle,
but I will keep trying, until/unless it looks as if it is damaging
personality. After picking her up and holding (trying) her, and put
her back in her little house, she tears around in there like a little
maniac with no brakes.
I just donot know what to say about these creatures; they are so
different from what I have been used to all my life, I donot know if
like them or not, since I havenot yet gotten over my amazement with
then. I would say they are a man’s cat. My precious, sweet little,
black-velvet kitties [c/p this in your address bar, as it might work
for you, or maybe it is clickable: http://fluffyfuzzies.com/black-velvet.mid]
are so loving and lap-catty, I probably never will be able to get
to the Toygers.
One time after a rare hand-wrestling match with Freddie, he went to
his potty (the bath tub), and had a grandiose poop, which means he
needs the exercise . . . So what can a person do, I just donot know.
These white Toygers really confuse me. They arenot scratchy-cats or
bitty-bitty. So guess they would be good for a small child for two
reasons. Children can be too rough with a kitty, which of course
causes trouble. With the Toyger, the kid willnot beable to catch the
cat in the first place, and if the child did manage, the Toyger
willnot scratch or bite, and is strong enough to wiggle away anyway.
When picked up, even tiny, complaining BaaBaa is quite wiggly, anti-
huggy-lovey and strong. Actually she looks more like a puppy, tearing
around in her little house, then a kitten. Remember they can read
eyes and do it with constant intensity. In other words they never for
even a moment take their eyes off of yours, and know every second of
every moment what you are thinking . . . this is weird . . .
I remember a story Indians had/have about a white calf, so it is very
strange that these new, white, tiger cats have naturally, suddenly
appeared on the scene after thousands of years of never before
existing in the domestic kitty. Also the fact theyare so dam rare,
both in the wild and domestic, is even stranger . . . spooky so to
speak. I wish I could remember that Indian story. It was an omen
story, regarding Man and the World.
I Googled and found this:
“2012 The Prophecy of the Lakota”
More Indian Legends:
“End of the World - Lahkota Medicine Man Prophecy Pt 2”
“School taught history,hides the truth of the genocide visited on
indigenous peoples of the north american continent.in the tens of
millions, these beautifully diverse and innocent people who were in
step with the land.were swindled,lied to,murdered and butchered.under
the leadership of our so called white founding fathers.I bear alot of
shame,for what my kind did to them.we owe them,and should give them
back most of what was stolen from them.I hope the phophesy as
comes true. “
toobigaman 5 months ago 10
Horribly MO
Amalgamated cult-of-the-insane,
The Rise Of The Modern, Ferocious, Khazar Empire Is upon us:
John 8:44
“White Phosphorus”:
Gaza-CHILDREN Genocide Pictures:
NOTE: White Phosphorus is illegal !
“Young Swedish Peace Activist Savagely Beaten”:
The other day my daughter asked me where we were. Itwas strange that
she should do that, because she hadnot called for about two
months . . . shehas been desperately hunting for a job. Also it was
quite a coincidence that she should ask that certain question, not to
mention it is a Revelation subject.
[As you know the Book of Revelation has been locked until just
recently, when, now it is unlocked through the Information Highway,
where truth, not only can be found, but also abounds.]
About a month ago, while doing a bible search on the word, waxeth,
iwas given a secret/over-looked verse. The verse, for me, has also
opened up Pandora’s box of questions, answers and surprises,
my daughter’s miracle phone call, and especially the uncanny timing
her question. Had she asked that question two months ago when we were
doing a lot of calling back and forth, I wouldnot have had the
[Everyone has the mistaken belief that we wouldnot know when Jesus,
the Christ, would return. Jesus said that we would know, he said that
we would know the season, so thatisnot exactly saying that we
know now is it. Here is the verse of his words telling us that, yes,
we would know when he was going to return:
32Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender,
and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: ]
Related Verse:
Beginning Discussion of End of the World and Jesus’ Return:
Matthew 24:
3And as he sat upon the mount of Olives,
the disciples came unto him privately,
saying, Tell us, when shall these things
be? and what shall be the sign of thy
coming, and of the end of the world?
The Secret Verse:
Earth Began to Die 2,000 Years Ago (weare living in the end of The
Times (Weare witnessing the beginnings of Earth‘s Death Throes -
Hebrew 26For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of
the world: but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to
put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.
Age of the World (Father’s Beautiful Earth):
Hebrews 8:13
In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now
which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.
Truth will set you free John 8:32

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