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Humans, places, cats + other pets E-J

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Old January 23rd 04, 08:39 PM
David Stevenson
external usenet poster
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Default Humans, places, cats + other pets E-J

Humans, places, cats + other pets E-J Jan 04

Everyone who reads any cat newsgroup [eg RPC.* or AAF or AAC or AAFD
or AC or APC], whether you post or not, can be on this list: so let me
know if you want to be on but are not now. Please check your own
details, and send additions or amendments to me at .
Because of the length of this list it is now split into four.

These lists are posted from time to time to the various individual cat
newsgroups, including RPC.announce. Copies are always available on my
Catpage at



A-D E-J K-N O-Z Total
Additions this update: 1 2 2 3 8
Alterations this update: 1 1 1 0 3
Number of entries: 151 131 161 163 606

RB = Rainbow Bridge
MIA = Missing in action
EL = Extended leave


Ed D Middletown CT Samantha, Simba, Linus,

Miss Bean, Jesse RB,
Hondo EL, Bart EL, Homer RB,
Edy S Maplewood MN Harold RB, Hannibal RB,
Hepsi RB, Norman MIA,
Stanley RB, Tilly RB

Samantha, Mei Mei RB,
Edgar G Poughkeepsie NY Tulip RB, Misty RB,
Mr Woo III RB,
Mr Woo II MIA, Mr Woo I RB

Tinkie Basil RB, Callie,
Mia, Tuffy, Elvis RB, Mac,
Eileen C La Verne CA Studmuffin, Eric MIA, Ayla,
Pandora, Black Bart RB,
Camille, Marissa, Rosie RB

Eileen V MI Mr Buddy, Ms Mudge, Ms Puff,
Bandit Marie RB

Elisabet Sweden Hugo Katt

Einstein, Schroeder RB,
Berkeley, MommaCat RB,
Elizabeth F Bryans Road MD Angie RB, Cindy RB,
Tiffany RB,
Frieda RB, Freddy RB,
Dorothy RB, Burbank RB

Elizabeth M Dublin Ireland Poppy, Perky RB

Ellen vA Utrecht Netherlands Doesjka, Alexej

Trampers, Tommy, Winston,
Kitkat, Mammacat, Orangecat,
Buddy, Willie, Bridgette,
Trapper John, China Doll,
Candy, Romeo, Mikey, Jose,
Ellen W Mesa AZ Penelope aka Penny, Misty,
Cindy, Bear, Reba, Baby,
Tiny Tim, Princess, Ziggy,
Ayla, Ginger, Simba,
Charity aka ****whiskers,
Maverick, Majic

Elyn Atlanta GA Boris, 'Tash

Chester, Biscut RB,
Emily S Ottawa Canada Gemini RB, Freeway RB,
Dog: Jason MIA

Eric, Jeannie Springfield MO Brak, Baylee

Fearless, Sweetie Pie,
Ferdinand Magellan, Whiney,
Calvin, Bugsy, Pooka Pooka,
Ericka L Nashville TN Weezer, Scooby Doobie,
Buzzy, Ism RB, Johnny RB,
Kitty Witty RB, Harry RB,
Pink RB, Dogs: Molly,

Xavier, Daddy,
Eva Q Albuquerque NM Chick, Mickey, Pandora;
Dogs: Goldie RB, Streak

Fluffy, WhiteSox, FancyFace,
Eva M Sandefjord Norway Chaos RB, Sparkie RB,
Lil'Bee MIA

Fletcher G Danville CA Tabby-tha, Cat-rina,
Penelope, Jimmy

Flippy Melbourne Vic Aust Romeo, Juliet, Chloe;
Dog: Sailor

Florence C Bonnyville AB Canada Chip, Little Bit

Fran Mc Guernsey Channel I Sula

Fran T Hendersonville NC Punkins, Puddi Cat

Hershey, Misty, SnoBiz,
Smut MIA, Sam MIA, Tom MIA,
Jennifer RB, Tigger MIA,
Frieda W AL Boomer MIA, Smokey Joe RB,
Spook RB, Dingaling RB,
Nala RB; Hamsters: Dusty RB,
Peaches RB; Dogs: Sheba RB,
Lady, Gypsy

Gabriel H London England UK Jessica, Bella

Gabrielle D Ajo AZ Laura, Ralph, Monique RB,
Albert RB

Gail G Oakland CA Cassandra

Gail H Sheffield England UK Daisy, Donald

Gary B Darien CT Erik, Emma

Max, Myrddin, Asha, Abel,
Geert dB Rotterdam Holland Amber, Floosy RB, Sloopy RB,
Wobble RB, Pluis RB

Gerry G Ottawa Canada Fang

Gill R Fleet, Hants UK Smoke, Smudge, Mickey

Gina Berlin MD Trixie, Peanut

Ginger St Paul MN Galaxy, Sunny, Tribble,

Ginger-lyn S Columbus OH Cosmo, Internet, Sabra,
Trill, Wolfie, Brando

Mittens, Blackie, Monique,
Gracia Concord NH Kissy, Rudy, Mouse,

Greg H Katoomba NSW Aust Gizmo

Gretchen Ampy, Milo

Gwen Montgomery Alabama Sigmund

Gwen F Carrickfergus Northern Smokey
Ireland UK

Gwyneth M Omaha NE Sayang RB, Corky, Pandora;
Hamster: Felini II

Shinobu, Dorrie, Lucy,
Hazel A Phoenix AZ Gypsy RB, Battle Cat RB,
Pasha MIA

Sidney RB, Hemingway,
Heather ON Canada Oz, Voodoo, Kissa, Willow,
Zoe RB, Vinnie, Sammy RB
Marble, Rocky

Gidget, Elijah, Jeremiah,
Tiger Lily, Raymond Drew,
Paxi, Mimi Marie, Helen RB,
Heather M Sterling VA Michael RB, Missy RB,
Missy RB, Annie RB,
Twinkie RB, Susie RB,
Sammy RB, Sunshine RB,
Missy RB, Dusty;
Dogs: Smokey RB, Daisy RB

Heather M Galesburg IL Ginger, Sidney

Helen F Norwich England UK Sasha, Lily, Pippin RB;
Fish: Conan, Admiral Akhbar

Daisy-May, Tiger, Robertson,
Helen M Caterham, UK Thomasina, Pollycat RB,
Surrey Smudge RB

Tichat, Cleo MIA, Sarah MIA,
Sophie MIA, Peste MIA;
Helene S Montreal Canada Dogs: Fannie RB,
Daisy MIA, Daisy MIA;
Parrot: Coco MIA

Hester Boddam Scotland UK Hamish, Fungus

Hilda Daly City CA Jill, Mocha, Chaz, Puffer,
Jack RB

Holly H Midland MI Texas; Ferrets: Zoe, George,
Kolby, Dweezil RB, Opie RB

Samurai RB, Lucifer RB,
Ian P Manchester England UK Tabitha, Tarka, Jezebel,
Enny RB, Marmalade RB,
Rusty MIA

Inga-Lill J Karlskoga Sweden Boris, Ziggy

Inge G Selfkant Germany Tientje, She, Puschel, Owl,
Dax, Chiara, Lady Mortisha,
Bandit, Smoke, Cottonball

Ophelia, Squiggles, Feargal,
Larry, Blanche, Max RB,
Irene S Montreal Canada Capone RB, Lucky RB,
Sylvester MIA, Theodore MIA,
Koukla MIA

Izabel G Phoenix AZ Magick

Jack, Glenda C Austin TX Carol-Ann, Bo, Tib

Vera Lynn, Tigerlily, Layla,
Jack R Lexington KY Gretchen RB, Dulcie RB,
Tom Cat EL, Grey Kitty EL

Jackie, Tim, Dallas TX Spot

Jackie J Forest Hills NY Amy, Diva, Motley, Pitzel,

Jade L Palmerston New Zealand Oggy, Yahoo Serious

Jaime vd L Almere Netherlands Cosmo, Spooky

Jan B Norman OK Maggie, Matthew

Jan B Ypsilanti MI Chester, Clarence, Nathan

Jan G Alexandria VA Miki

Sugar Magnolia, Squeaky,
LB, Romeow, Sassyfur,
Jan J Seattle WA Mom-Cat RB, Ripple,
Julicatte, Jerry Garcia,
Figaro, Berkeley

Jane C Glasgow Scotland UK Murphy, Boots, Haggis, Hank,
Dog: Molly

Jane S Quincy MA Fraidi

Janet C Boston MA Buddha

Janet K Washington DC Kali, Chitchat

Janet K Patterson NY Rudy, Didier, Mercedes RB;
Dog: Charlie RB

Janet, Ron S Pittsburgh PA Kai

Janice Olympia WA Baldrick, Bob

Snowball, Scooter, Mouse,
Gypsy Rose Skunk,
Janice L Rockford IL Huckleberry, Reginald RB,
HippieBlue RB, Humphrey RB,
Miss Prissy MIA

Janyce O Dayville CT Blue, Lizzy

Jan-willem vE Almere Netherlands Deze, Die, Welke, Ataya

Jari K Finland Rolli, Roope, Angelique,

Mittsy, Nikki, Sneakers,
Jayme J Pullman WA Sylvia; Dogs: Amber,

Jax Scarborough England UK Thumper RB, Wally RB,
Tuppence, Boris, Betsy

JC Seattle WA Mosu, Sweet Pea, Silkie

Jean H San Diego CA Kiki, Sabrina, Tiffany

Jean K Las Vegas NV Praline, Cheeks RB

Jean M Rimouski QC Canada Ciboulette, Gucci

Jeanette G Preston UK Izzi, Fenda, Ripley

Hobo, Speckles, Brat RB,
Mini-Brat RB, Prego RB,
Spothead RB, Baby RB,
Philip RB, Custard RB,
Jeanne H Huntsville AL Meringue RB, Chico RB,
Squat RB, Blackie-White RB,
Alien RB, Space Cat RB,
Teddy Bear RB, Amigo RB,
Duchess Hotspur RB

Jeanne H Naperville IL Tribble, Natasha

Jeannie Springfield MO

Jen Denver CO Caitlin, Malusee, Bobbin

Pepsi, Rosie, Reda,
Jen R London UK Yeti RB, Lily RB, Bruno RB,
Liverpool Charlie RB, Mistral RB

Jen S Allston MA Roger, Devin

Jenna M Queens NY Grizabella, Guinevere,
Callie MIA, Freddy MIA

Jennie Baltimore MD Xena, Callisto

Jennifer Hong Kong Mr. Bean, Kato,
Swirly Cat, Monkey Face

Sebastien, Musette,
Jennifer D Calgary Canada Samantha RB, Patrick RB,
Lur RB, Penny RB

Jennifer Mc Enfield NH Daphne, Nickel

Jenny A Stockport England UK Jasper, Cleo;
Budgie: Polly RB

Jenny B Norfolk UK Rogan Josh, Fangette,
Choc'late Pudding, Grey P

Spook RB, King RB,
Vannah RB, Lummox RB,
Jenny D Perth WA Aust Granite, Bandit, Swipe;
Dogs: Amber Beagle,
Charlie Brown Kelpie,
Seamus, Rafferty

Jenny M Lafayette IN Iris; Dog: Lady RB

Jepo Vancouver Canada Muggles, Kid, Muffie RB;
Lizard: Scooter

Salem, Joey, Smokey,
Jessica S Savoy IL Brownie RB; Rabbit: Molly;
Dog: Brandy

Jill B Hayward Ca Kalamazoo, Hendrix;
Dog: Cobain

Jill G

Jo Ann H Flagstaff AZ Godiva

Jo C, Rob C Gloucester England UK Bagpuss, Murphy

Jo R Roy UT HRH Pretty Girl Sox,
Lady RB

Jo W Lake View CA Mannhasset, Gilmore, Nelly,
Terrace, LA Phyllys, Pippin, Blur

Simba MIA, Bayba Bambu MIA,
Miranda, Cleo DOC VC RB,
Joan Orange DOC, Salmonberry,
[Momma Jo], Nimbus Cloud, Poppy,
Beth Yachats OR Sprint, Pandora, Stone,
[Momma Beth] Jasper, Penrod, Teva,
The Invisible Bandits,
Terry Jo RB, Little Bit

Joan D Pittsburgh PA Mao

Junior, Cinnabon, Cookie,
Joan K Long Beach WA Poppacat, Mommacat RB,
Bitsy, Baby, Munchkin RB,

Joann L Loveland CO K.A.T., Kalli,
Pussum RB, Felix RB

Johanna B Kitchener ON Canada Lenny, Lucy, Panda-ov-Toes,

John B Las Vegas NV Maya

John H Albany OR Butchie, Buddy, Crackers,
Momma Kitty, Baby Bandit

John R Hobart Tas Aust Casper

John W Lawrence KS Kirstie Alley, Sherpa RB

Josie M Arlington VA Abigail, Gertrude

Pyewacket RB, Joshua RB,
Joy G Simi Valley CA Archeopteryx RB, Taz RB,
Tawny RB, Rudy RB,
Herbie MIA, Skeeter, Lindy

Nigel, Penny, Tia, Mohegan,
Dumas, Travis, Shadow,
Joyce M Arlington TX Katarina, Cry Baby RB,
Precious RB, Squeeky RB,
Patches RB, Otto RB;
Dogs: Dakota, Rosco,
Boris, Sadie

Joyce S Oscar the Grouch,
Fozzie Bear

Joyce W Oakland CA Roxy, Smudge

Pippin, Rosie, Bilbo RB,
Gandalf RB, Biscuit EL,
Judi L Stourbridge, England UK Sophie
West Midlands

Judith R Billericay England UK Fox EL, Dee Dee EL,
Fluffy EL, Sassy EL;
Dogs: Topsy, Penny EL

Judy Irvine CA Sooty, C'Mell, Nessus,
Blackit, Midnight, Roland

Julie B Lynnwood WA Tasha, Mia, Sonora RB

Julie B, Tim B Walsall England UK Intie, Brezhnev

Julie C Las Vegas NV Whispurr, Smudge

Julie H Pasadena CA Frieda, Snowflake, Opus RB,
Binkley RB

Julie P Memphis TN Oscar, Ophelia, Bogart RB

Julie R Tallahassee FL Cyrano, Sassy, Rhett,
Radcliffe, Louie, Talia

Julie-Ann M Dunedin New Zealand Tom, Kate, Manic RB, Taz RB
Craig M

June K Washington DC Licorice, Scooter,
Sydney RB, Kia RB, Willie RB

Justine Pittsburg PA

David Stevenson Storypage: http://blakjak.com/sty_menu.htm
Liverpool, England, UK Emails welcome
Nanki Poo: SI Bp+W B 10 Y L+ W++ C+ I T+ A- E H++ V- F Q P B+ PA+ PL+ SC
Minke: SI W+Cp B 1 Y++ L-- W- C+

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