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Somewhat OT - spiders

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Old October 17th 10, 11:31 PM posted to rec.pets.cats.anecdotes
Kyla =^..^=[_7_]
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Default Somewhat OT - spiders

Well, okay then....grin...I hate spiders too and ants as well. But I don't
see any ladybugs here, Love, Kyla

he does not discriminate between bugs, and honestly i am glad, i think its
great tweed is dealing with a phobia but i am sorry, not warm blooded and
no fur or feathers, not interested in what it lives like as long as its

from me, Lee
What about a Ladybug? LOL Love, Kyla

dh says if the bug of any kind is close enough to him to be sent off,
then either it is stupid and needs to be helped along to keep the
quality of the gene pool up, or it is expressing a death wish and as a
good hoomin he should help it goe, Lee

Old October 18th 10, 12:00 AM posted to rec.pets.cats.anecdotes
Kyla =^..^=[_7_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 76
Default Somewhat OT - spiders

"---MIKE---" Kyla asked:

What about a Ladybug?

I get occasional half-dead ladybugs in the house. I leave them alone.

LOL, okay then. If they're half dead....well, never mind

In the White Mountains of New Hampshire
(44 15' N - Elevation 1580')

Old October 18th 10, 02:51 PM posted to rec.pets.cats.anecdotes
external usenet poster
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Default Somewhat OT - spiders

"---MIKE---" wrote in message
I have always been sort of creeped out by spiders. About 11 years ago,
I worked at a water park. One day there was a huge spider at one of the
slide splashdowns. It was about 4 or 5 inches across. I killed it. A
few days later my tuxedo cat IKE disappeared. Karma? I never kill
spiders any more. When I see one in the house, I carefully capture it
in a jar and set it free outside. I don't know if they can survive
outside in the winter but I give them the chance.

In the White Mountains of New Hampshire
(44 15' N - Elevation 1580')

Spiders are good! I don't want them in my house, of course. And walking
through a really big spider web is creepy. You never feel like you get the
web off. Ugh! But they eat things like mosquitos and other annoying flying
insects, so they're good. Last year I had twin black and yellow argiope
spiders with webs flanking my back patio.


The webs were huge and the spiders were magnificent to watch. As long as
they stayed outside they were fine with me and gorgeous to look at. I was
sad to see they didn't come back this year.

The thing that creeps me out is Palmetto bugs. Heh, I live in the Palmetto
State so I should expect them. But they're gross. Giant cockroaches.


Old October 18th 10, 05:15 PM posted to rec.pets.cats.anecdotes
Christina Websell
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Posts: 8,985
Default Somewhat OT - spiders

"hopitus" wrote in message
On Oct 16, 5:41 pm, "Joy" wrote:
"Christina Websell" wrote in message


"Joy" wrote in message
"Christina Websell" wrote in

"hopitus" wrote in message
On Oct 16, 10:54 am, "Christina Websell"
wrote in message

.. . Christina Websell

I am proud of you for both your bravery under fire (the British way)
your kindness in throwing Old Hairy outside instead of smashing her
just because we can. Well done, and a MileHigh Salute to you and

thanks, hop. It took some courage and yes, I know it's ridiculous to
afraid of big spiders but I am.
Imagine your worst fear and I did it, without hurting her.
We Brits can do this ;-)

Boyfie says hello

I am also impressed by your bravery. My daughter also has
and I know that phobias are not easy to overcome. One can't reason them
away, because they aren't reasonable. They just are, and they're very

I try very hard with my arachnophobia, I can manage the small ones now
realistically, the huge ones are always going to give me a problem.
No amount of studying them to try and find them interesting does any
just cannot stop being afraid of big spiders. I have no idea why, it's
just a fact.

That's the problem with phobias. They don't have to make sense, but that
doesn't make them any less real.

I used to know a woman who had an extreme fear of heights. She once went
a conference in a large hotel. When she entered her room on the 20th
she saw that there were floor to ceiling windows, and the drapes were
She literally had to crawl across the room to shut the drapes.

Some people manage to get over phobias, usually with psychiatric help or
through hypnotism, but some never do. Many people who don't have phobias
don't understand, and think they can talk someone out of a phobia. It
be done.

I think you're doing amazingly well.


Here is something for you to ponder: years ago, when the MGM Grand had
a major
fire, I was in a nearby small town and there was great concern among
some of us
that rescue efforts include the old MGM mascot lion, whom we had heard
had lost
most of his teeth due to his age and got special food for that reason
as well as had
to be poked awake to do his roaring thing for the nightclub customers.
He lived in
the hotel's deep basement, but was well cared for by his vets, etc.
They did succeed in getting him out of the basement but the hotel was
a big loss
from the fire's destruction.
I do NOT have a phobia or fear of heights, but due to this experience
plus many
years later, the 9/11 televised saga, I will never tolerate being a
guest in a hotel,
etc. on a higher floor than 2 or 3. Accommodations are used to
stranger mandates
than mine from guests, by far, and have always got my way with this.
Would you term this quirk of mine a "phobia"? Even though caused by
two events
similar only in that higher floor occupancy for any purpose resulted
in doom for the
Note: that old lion finally died f old age, and the one that recently
attacked someone
is not the same lion.

No, I would not class that as a phobia, it's more a learned experience of
risk that has made you extra careful.
As Joy says, phobias do not make sense. Even *I* cannot talk myself myself
out of this one completely. Maybe they are primeval for some, in some sort
of race memory from aeons ago. I really don't know.

Old October 18th 10, 05:28 PM posted to rec.pets.cats.anecdotes
Christina Websell
external usenet poster
Posts: 8,985
Default Somewhat OT - spiders

"Judith Latham" wrote in message
In article , Christina Websell

wrote in message
Christina Websell wrote:

I have a spider that has set up home on my kitchen windowsill, she's
been there for a couple of weeks and has built a typical house
spider web between my spice jars. I know she's a girl by her
thingies that poke out in front of her, boys have lumps on them.
That does not help as she is a big girl, too big for me to deal with.

I would guess so!! Any spider that's big enough for you to determine
her gender is too big for me.

I am proud to announce that I decided to gird my loins and evict her
this morning. I'm a wuss about big hairy spiders, it makes no
difference at all that I know they cannot harm me, for some reason they
give me the horrors. I know it is not logical. I've been putting it
off, of course. It seemed easier to leave her there than challenge
myself to do it. Anyway, no spiders were harmed in the process and it's
done. She ran when I moved the spice jars and hid and I thought, no, I
have to find you and I did. She curled up in fright when she knew she
was discovered but I scooped her up carefully with a wooden spoon and
put her outside the window. She'll just have to find another house to
be a house spider in. If you all knew how difficult it was for me to do
that, you'd be proud of me too.

It's very easy to kill insects & spiders because you *can* and you don't
like the look of them, but it was not her fault that I have a problem
with her appearance, is it? She deserves to live. (I'm beginning to
think I'm turning into a Buddhist)


Wow!!!! I'm really impressed.

No, I don't think you're turning into a buddhist, you dealt with it in a
brit. way. Terrified but still managed to sort it out with a wooden spoon.
you did the right thing.


Also impressed that you know how to tell the sex of a spider.

smile - part of my attempt to learn more about them in case it helped!
The boys have a lump on each of those two probe things that stick out the
front, called paps. It's their equivalent of testicles, apparently -)


Old October 18th 10, 07:45 PM posted to rec.pets.cats.anecdotes
[email protected]
external usenet poster
Posts: 9,349
Default Somewhat OT - spiders

Jack Campin - bogus address wrote:

And then I saw the show about some horrible Australian species of ant.
Name any kind of animal in the world, and I swear, Australia will have
a species that's evil and terrifying.

The Giant Brown Bulldog Ant? Not only one of the biggest ants in the
world but it can also bite, sting and JUMP?

Probably. I don't remember the name of it now - probably trauma-induced
amnesia. These things *looked* mean.


Whenever you feel anger, you should say, "May I be free of this
anger!" This rarely works, but talking to yourself in public will
encourage others to leave you alone.

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