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Final Calling of Names, Jellicle Ball 2020

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Old November 16th 20, 03:26 PM posted to rec.pets.cats.community
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Default Final Calling of Names, Jellicle Ball 2020

[Francesca glances at the rising sun and
nods. It is time. She is wearing an amber necklace with a small
pendant of a winged green garden snake. She climbs the dais and
reaches the podium as the sun touches above the horizon to shine softly.
Guests and others who have lost loved ones, fall silent.]

Good morning, sirs and ma’am’s, and a special thank you to the
residents of this wonderful place.

Each October, at sundown of the evening of the final full moon and
through the night, we gather to pay tribute to our dear ones who have
passed on. As the sun rises, we bid another farewell and return to our
homes and families.

Much richer for having known and loved, much better for the lessons
learned, we smile despite our grief.

As always, the first name called represents those whose names we did
not know, those lost or tossed, taken through illness or abuse or
nature's fury.

We stand in silent thought, and send our hopes that they have found
peace and love at last.

[There is a short pause, then light of the new day spills in on them
all. Beside her, Prince to her left repeats her comments
in ASL-C/D and Luko replicates it beside her at her
bestest spelling]

We call their names, family members, dear friends, respected
strangers...our Jellicle Honorees:

Unknown Kitties, House of Bast

Abelard, House of Davis
Alex, House of Kaprosy
Annabelle Lee, House of Eldredge
Anthony, House of Owen
Ashley, house of Chandler
Awaremi, House of Owen
Baby Dog, House of Kaprosy
Baby Eyes, House of Davis
Barnabus, House of Cook
Barnie, House of Stevens-Singh
Baxter the Smiley, House of Momorella
Beauty, House of Alexander
Bella, House of Chapman
Billy, House of Davis
Blackie, House of Chapman
Blue, House of Sacksteder
Boo Kitty, House of Square
Bootsy, House of Daniels
Boyfriend, House of Websell
Brenna Buggesbane, House of VanDyke
Buddy, House of Myers
Bugs, House of Sacksteder
Calypso, House of Davis
Caspur, House of Berkebile
Cat Calloway, House of Davis
Cherry, House of Owen
Chessie, House of Eldredge
Cheyenne, House of Rankin
Chibi, House of Owen
Chico, House of Davis
China Doll, House of Stevens-Singh
Cinders, House of Eldredge
Cindy, House of Davis
CoCo, House of Belinda
Cody, House of Tims
Cogburn, House of Kaprosy
Cotton, House of Davis
Daffy, House of Kaprosy
Daisy-chan, House of Chez Shenk's
Dewfoot, House of Kaprosy
Digger, House of Davis
DingDong, House of Kaprosy
Donald, House of Kaprosy
Dublin, House of O'Neal
Egypt, House of Davis
Eli, House of Davis
Elias the Loverboy, House of Daniels
Elizabeth, House of Lightfoot
Ella, House of Rankin
Elvis, House of Davis
Emma, House of Owen
FloofFur, House of Miller
Freddie, House of Lightfoot
Frederick J Cuddlebug, House of Daniels
Frieda. House of Amigo
Frijolito, House of Amigo
Fritzie, House of Stevens-Singh
Gabrielle, House of Stillwell & Tenbusch
George, House of Davis
George, House of Stott
Get’er, House of Kaprosy
Ginger-Lyn, House of Summer
Graybar, House of Davis
Greyson. Sanctuary of Sam
Grindel, House of Kaprosy
Groucho, House of Davis
Guinivere, House of Davis
Gwinnie, A named House of Bast
Hazel, House of Davis
Heather, House of Rennie
Hobbes, House of Cook
Hobie, House of Kaprosy
Houdini, House of Kaprosy
IBKFergus, House of Chapman
James, House of Thompson
Jasmine, House of Davis
Jazz, House of Woods
Johnny Farm Cat, House of Davis
Jona, House of Owen
Joshua (Joe), House of Josh, family Prince
Julian Snowball, House of Weinberger-Westlake
Juneau, House of O'Neal
Kahlua, House of Scott
Katie, House of Eldredge
Keri, House of Maguire
Kerry, House of Perkins
Kingsford, House of Chandler
Kitty Farmcat, House of Websell
La-Dora (Dodi), House of Kruhn
Lacey, House of Chandler
Lacey, House of Cook
Laku, House of Kruhn
Lil Bub, House of Bridavsky
Lily, House of Amigo
Lily, House of Davis
Mac, House of Lightfoot
Mahi, House of O'Neal
Martha, House of Davis
Max, House of Batson
Merton, House of Eldredge
Minette, House of Davis
Minny, House of Lightfoot
Minu, House of Davis
MissyLou, House of Murphy
Misty, House of Scott
Mitzvah, House of Lee
Molly, Mistress of the House of Firey
Mona, House of Chez Shenk
Moon, House of Davis
Mr Smoke, House of Kaprosy
Ms Kitty, House of Davis
Mugs, House of Kaprosy
Nia, House of Davis
Nico, House of Kruhn
Nera, House of Kruhn
Nikita, House of Davis
Noel, House of Kaprosy
Odessa, House of Stevens-Singh
Ouch, House of Kaprosy
Paulette Joy, Canine Friend-of-all-Cats, House of Owen
Peaches, House of Lightfoot
Peanut, House of Sackett-Glaser
Penny, House of Rankin
Philip, House of Stevens-Singh
Phoebe, House of Terrell
Pickle, House of Chapman
Pinky, House of LaShonda
Planxty, House of Eldredge
Porter, House of Lightfoot
Ralphie, House of Perryman/Gaston
Rambo, House of Kaprosi
Rampy, House of Davis
Rikki Tikki, Sanctuary of Sam
Romeo, House of Davis
Rosa, House of Davis
Roxie, House of Stevens-Singh
Sabrina, House of Stevens-Singh
Safford, House of Davis
Sam, House of Cook
Sam, House of Kaprosy
Sam, House of Willmore
Samantha, House of Kaprosi
Sammy, House of Gubanc
Sampson, House of Shultz
Sandy, House of Davis
Sarge, House of Davis
Sassafras, House of Kaprosy
Scooter, House of Davis
Selena, House of Cook
Shadow, House of Chapman
Shadow, House of Kaprosy
Shadow, Sanctuary of Sam
Shasti, House of Kaprosy
Shadow, House of Square
Sheriff Roscoe P Catrane, House of Hanoka
Shmoggleberry, House of Chapman
Sir Cheese, House of Stapley
Sir Furr Purr, House of John and Lea
Skeeter, House of Lightfoot
Smudge, House of Cook
Snagglepuss, House of Kleinfelder
Snoopy, House of Chapman
Sophia, House of Latham
Spider, House of Davis
Spock, House of Stott
Starr da Dog, House of Mahoney
Stosh, House of Stevens-Singh
Suky, House of Chapman
Sulu, House of Sacksteder
Sweeper, House of Latham
Sweetpea, House of Kaprosi
Teddy, House of Stott
Thatcher, House of Davis
Thumper, House of Woods
Thunder, House of Davis
Thunder II, House of Davis
Timmy, House of Willmore
Timothy, House of Davis
Timothy, House of Stott
Tippy, House of Daniels
Toby, House of Kaprosy
Tommy, House of Davis
Tommy Boy, Sanctuary of Sam
Toruk, House of Sacksteder
Trampus, House of Kaprosy
Two nameless babies, House of Davis
Venice, House of O'Neal
Weeble, House of Nancy L
Whitefoot, House of Davis
Zeke, House of Davis

[With a very deep sigh Francesca shakes her head, thinking "So many
loved ones missing". She makes her way off the podium to sit with her
family and remember all those who have gone before. ]

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Walk of Remembrance: http://www.clowdercat.org/walk/walkofremembranz.html

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